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Our Unwavering Commitment is to ELEVATE Your Patient Experience and EXPEDITE Your Practice Growth.

Our Services

From enhancing your digital presence to optimizing patient management, each offering is a stepping stone towards establishing your practice as the premier choice in your community.

Patient Pipeline Management: Streamline Your Patient Journey”

Manage all patient leads in one simple, efficient pipeline. Our drag-and-drop system simplifies moving patients through their journey, from initial contact to post-treatment follow-up, ensuring no opportunity for engagement is missed. This organization is key to maximizing conversions and patient satisfaction.

Automated Front Desk: “Transform Your Patient Experience”

Leverage automation to enhance your front desk operations, offering an unmatched patient experience. From sending SMS to missed calls to automating patient reviews and reminders, this service cuts down on manual tasks, allowing your staff to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

Reputation Management: “Become the Go-To Dentist in Your Area”

Automatically request reviews from satisfied patients to rapidly accumulate 5-star ratings. This effortless process not only boosts your online reputation but also establishes your practice as the local market leader and most sought-after dental authority in your community.

5-Page Integrated Website: “Convert Clicks into Clients”

With a custom-built website featuring integrated web chat, call tracking, and web forms, your online presence will be designed to convert visitors into leads more effectively than ever. This digital hub is not just a website; it’s a lead generation machine tailored for the dental industry.

Email Marketing: “Nurture Leads into Loyal Patients”

Use targeted email marketing to stay in contact with potential and current patients, guiding them through their dental journey with your practice. This consistent communication keeps you top of mind and encourages engagement, turning inquiries into appointments and one-time patients into lifelong clients.

Patient Reactivation: “Reinvigorate Your Patient Base”

Revitalize your relationship with inactive patients through strategic reactivation campaigns. By reaching out to patients who haven’t visited in 12 months or more, we help fill your appointment schedule and boost your practice’s revenue without the need for constantly acquiring new patients.

Google Advertising: “Dominate the Digital Space”

Unlock unparalleled visibility and attract a steady stream of new patients with targeted Google Ads. By bidding in Google’s online auction, we place your practice at the forefront of potential patients’ searches, ensuring your reception is always bustling with leads. An average ad spend of $2000 could yield a potential additional value of $20000 to your bottom-line.

Omni Presence Remarketing: “Be Everywhere Your Patients Are”

Create an omnipresent marketing strategy that keeps your practice visible on every digital front. From Facebook Newsfeeds and Instagram Stories to YouTube and online newspapers, remarketing places your brand in all the digital spaces your patients frequent. This continuous visibility reinforces your practice’s image, ensuring you’re always their first choice.

SEO Tiered Package: “Elevate Your Practice to the Top”

Skyrocket your website to the top of Google’s organic search results with our comprehensive SEO strategy, including back-linking, keyword research, and content optimization. This method not only increases your visibility but also attracts a higher volume of qualified traffic, potentially doubling the number of patients you receive from online searches.

CRM Software Training and Support: “Empower Your Team with Smart Tools”

Beyond implementing cutting-edge technology, we ensure your team is fully equipped to use our CRM software effectively. With training and ongoing support, your staff will maximize the potential of every lead and optimize the patient experience, driving efficiency and satisfaction across all touchpoints.

Discover the Perfect Fit for Your Practice

Our Tailored Packages

Embark on a journey of transformation and growth with our three meticulously designed packages. Each one is crafted to cater to the unique needs of dental practices at different stages of their growth and digital marketing journey. Whether you’re looking to refine your operations, enhance patient engagement, or dominate the market, we have a solution tailored just for you.

Which Package is Right for Me?

Practice Optics Package

For the practices that don’t know their key metrics like patients and from what channel, revenue, ROAS, and are wanting to streamline operations and enhance patient communication with essential tools like call tracking and our all-on-one Inbox, while also boosting online reputation through automated reviews. Then we can analyse the data and advise upgrades to your patient pipeline funnel.

Patient Pipeline Package

Ideal for practices seeking to significantly increase their patient base and improve patient engagement through a comprehensive suite of services including a custom website, full access to the Software including the Patient Pipeline, and automated patient management systems.

Patient Acquisition Package

Perfect for ambitious practices aiming to fill empty books, practice expansions and for rapid growth and market dominance, combining advanced SEO, Google advertising, and remarketing strategies with extensive support for patient reactivation and reputation management.

Note: that for any of the above packages, we can onboard a maximum of 10 new clients per week. It’s first come, first served and then you’ll be on the onboarding waitlist, so time is a factor.

Our Tailored Packages

Practice Optics


Free 30 days


1,188 20% Off

Features and Benefits

Call Tracking: Measure every lead to improve practice performance.

Practice Optics Dashboard: Gain visibility into all marketing, sales, and revenue metrics.


All-in-One Inbox: Manage all leads and messages in one easy-to-use inbox, saving time and sanity.

Mobile & Desktop App: Access your dashboard and inbox anytime, anywhere.

Bonus: Free 100+ 5-Star Google Reviews Campaign and Reactivation Campaign to re-energize unengaged patients.

Client Support: Includes live chat, email support, and weekly group calls

Patient Pipeline


Free 7 days


$9,588 20% Off

Setup Fee:  $3000 – 50% off Incentive-Based Pricing with payment within 3 Days: $1500

Features and Benefits


Includes Everything in Practice Optics Plus:


AI Conversational Bot & Web Chat Widget: Engage visitors in real-time, improving lead capture.

Online Calendar Booking: Simplify appointment scheduling for patients.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM): Streamline patient management through the entire journey.

Automated Front Desk: Automate communication, including missed call text-backs and new patient intake surveys.

Website Hosting: Ensure your site is secure and reliable.

Patient Acquisition


Free 7 days


29,880 20% Off

Setup Fee: $3000 – 50% off Incentive-Based Pricing with payment within 3 Days: $1500

Features and Benefits


Includes Everything in Patient Pipeline Plus

Google Advertising: Drive significant traffic through targeted ad campaigns.

Omni Presence Remarketing: Maintain visibility across social media, YouTube, and online platforms


SEO Tiered Package: Skyrocket to the top of Google organic results with a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Google Maps Listing & Online Listings Management: Improve online visibility and patient discovery.

Backlinks, On-Page SEO, and Keyword Strategy: Strengthen your website’s SEO foundation.

Nurture & Patient Reactivation – Monthly Email: Keep your practice top of mind for patients.

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